Other bone fillers take the form of pastes, putties, sponges and foams, all of which have major issues.  Handling characteristics, mixing challenges, or simply
becoming a monolithic block are all compromises; none of which permit the easy movement of the patient’s fluids required to support living cells. 

ReBossis BioSynthetic

ReBossis is a unique new biosynthetic scaffold made of “tried and true” materials that have been successfully used in orthopedics for over 30 years. Poly Lactic-coglycolic acid, PLGA, silicate calcium carbonate and beta tri-calcium phosphate. The patents pertain to how OrthoReBirth USA uniquely combines the three by electro-spinning the formula into its distinctive “cotton like” form.

One Level Stand Alone With Lordotic Restoration            ~            Adjacent Level Fixation Without Plate Removal