Vx Therapy

Virtural Reality Therapy BioPsychoSocial Program

Vx Therapy, delivered via an in-home virtual reality device, provides a safe and effective treatment for trauma which can include chronic or acute pain, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and PTSD related symptoms. Our 3-month in-home program blends biological components with the psychological and social components that often go unaddressed. Vx Navigator support provides training on device setup, platform navigation, and product usage as well as troubleshooting assistance and weeklycompliance reports.

Vx Therapy

What are the Outcomes?

Reduction During Virtual Reality Use

  • Pain Improvement                               44.8%
  • Legacy Pain Relief                                       2.8 Hours
  • Anxiety Improvement                          59.6%
  • Legacy Anxiety Relief                    2.6 Hours


  • Pain Intensity Improvement                 33.5%
  • Pain Behavior Improvement                48.8%
  • Pain Interference & Improvement        66.9%
  • Anxiety Improvement                          27.6%
  • Depression Improvement                     34.2%

*PROMIS® (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information Systems) is a publicly available system of highly reliable, precise measures of patient-reported health status for physical, mental, and social well-being.

Special Veterans Administration Pricing

Government Contract FSS # 36F79720D0009

Product Number HMT003001

Our primary focus with the Vx Therapy Program is to our Veteran population both active and discharged. 

We advocate the purchase program, rather than the rental, so that the Veteran may keep the Vx unit after the 90 day treatment session ends in order to provide additional opportunities for as needed in-home therapy.