Atlas Spine

HiJAK AC, the first expandable Titanium cervical inter-body with ADJUSTABLE LORDOSIS, was designed for the surgeon who recognizes the importance of lordotic restoration and sagittal balance of the spine. 


  • Incremental expansion up to 7 degrees, 12 degrees, or Hyper-Lordotic 20 degrees dependent upon implant selection.
  • An Osteo-Promotive Endplate Topography
  • Post expansion graft packing capability
  • An unobstructed graft chamber

New FDA Cleared Standalone HiJAK Cervical Device

"440innovations implanted the first device in the USA"

HiJAK sa

1.60mm Plate Height  ~  0-12 Degrees of Lodotic Adjustment  ~  Proprietary Endplate Surface Technoloty

One Level Stand Alone With Lordotic Restoration            ~            Adjacent Level Fixation Without Plate Removal